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Relocation to London on a Budget

London is a beautiful and exciting city that offers visitors a wealth of entertainment, history, and social encounters. Visiting the city is one thing, but relocation to London is quite a different endeavor which requires planning and forethought.

Anytime a major move is made, creating a budget to get started is one of the first and most important steps. Unless you have a great amount of available finances, you can easily run out of money before getting established which can lead to a vicious downward cycle that can ruin your experience. Following are some of the major points to consider when creating a budget for relocation to London.

The Reality of High Rent

Shelter is one of the greatest needs upon arriving to any destination and which requires a large amount of your budgeted funds. This is especially true in London where rental fees are high and continue to climb. Finding cheap or affordable housing can be quite the task due to the tremendous competition of others seeking the same.

Several steps can be taken to assist with finding suitable housing. You can begin your search a couple of months prior to your relocation to London which gives you more time to search as well as become familiar with the city’s housing markets. If you have a friend or family member to stay with, that would be ideal. You can also utilize a relocation service that is both familiar with the area markets and has a trusted reputation which can be used to negotiate good rental fees. By

Work, Transportation and Child Care

If you have a job that you are relocating to then that is the best option. However, if you are not so lucky to have a job waiting in London then you will need to find work in order to replenish your coffers after relocating. This can also be a chore since there is a great amount of competition for jobs. A majority of available jobs are low wage and often part time. You may very well need to work two jobs to get by until a better opportunity comes along.

Relocation to London with children adds the extra expense of childcare while you are working, unless you have friends or family that can care for them for free. Childcare is quite expensive in the city.

Transportation to and from finding apartments and searching for or going to work is also something you will need to include. Acquiring an Oyster Card upon arrival will shave quite a bit of expense off of public transportation expense.